Import Nissan Leaf

Import Nissan Leaf from 2019

We can now import Nissan Leaf 5-door hatches, with compliance available in several States. Secondhand import is possible for the 2nd generation models (June 2013 to Sept 2017), with 3rd generation models available (from Sept 2017 up to whatever date Nissan Australia starts selling them) under revised import regulations from about 2020. The all-electric Nissan Leaf is powered…

BMSB Catch Ad

STINK BUG Season Returns

Based on the scare in Feb 2018 with Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (BMSB) found in some shipments of used vehicles from Japan, there will be additional quarantine measures put in place for vehicle shipments from the 1 September 2018 to 30 of April 2019. Australian bio-security will also have heightened surveillance for Roll on Roll off…

1993 Mazda FD3S RX-7 auction

Early FD3S RX-7 Prices Skyrocketing

The USA market has been hot for any early 90’s Japanese vehicles since their 25 Year Rule first started allowing the unrestricted import of RHD vehicles several years ago. This has combined with worldwide demand that is recognising the historic value of these models, and appeal that has never waned for driver’s across 3 generations…

Luxury Car Tax threshold increase

Luxury Car Tax Limits Raised

The Luxury Car Tax (LCT) threshold on imported cars has been raised on regular cars for the 2018 / 19 financial year – but oddly NOT for fuel-efficient vehicles. In fact, the LCT threshold for fuel-efficient vehicles has only been lifted $526 between 2010 to 2018 as can be seen in the following table. The…

EVO 5 yellow

EVO 5 Prices

Like all other classic Japanese models, the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 5 has jumped in price in recent years as collectors target the best, low km examples and supply has dwindled in Japan. You can use the Auctions page of our website to research the price and availability of any model. This provides a sense of…

Shipping costs rise

Shipping Costs Rise Due to Fuel Prices

Shipping lines have implemented an “emergency bunker surcharge” this month in response to a rapid surge in fuel prices. According to a local customer advisory issued by Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) last week, fuel prices have risen by over 30% this year and almost 70% since last June, with the cost in Europe exceeding US$442…